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Businesses find themselves now more than ever struggling to
build strong customer loyalty to drive repeat business. In order to increase
their sales and reach their targets, they need to drive successful customer
interactions, transform customer service into a strategic asset and deliver
marketing messages consistently across channels, all within limited budgets.

bSolutions is the first Cloud Service in the Middle East, Launched in Egypt.Our Hosted CRM service offers
organizations a wide range of sales, marketing and customer service tools and
applications, helping to drive your business forward.

Our CRM solutions supports business expansion and growth by
bringing about sales automation and better customer care, which we augment with
our own developed add-on features and industry-specific solutions.

Why you should choose bSolutions Hosted CRM :

Been a Microsoft Gold
Certified Partner in Microsoft Business Solutions for over 8 years

  • Have
    the largest Regional Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation in-house
  • Covering
    various regions through our offices in Cairo, Dubai, Riyadh, Rome and
  • Keep
    being re-admitted into the Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club  for excellence and over-achievement
  • Awarded
    regionally and internationally for the value and impact we deliver through
    our solutions
  • Have impressive
    track record across vertical and geographical markets
  • Develop
    our in-house Microsoft Dynamics add-ons to deliver more value and
  • Proven
    know how demonstrated in our case studies
  • Deliver
    our solutions through our team of highly qualified and certified
  • Single
    tenant, hyper-v, and dedicated multi-tenant models available.
  •  Competitively priced
  • No
    minimum users.
  • No
  • No
    setup fees.
  • Name
    brand, reference accounts.


  • Microsoft
    Dynamics CRM 4.0 and available anywhere via an Internet connected PC or
  • Integrates
    with Microsoft Office and Outlook seamlessly – so very little training is
  • Provides
    you with central, secure location for all your customer information
  • Workflows
    in your hosted CRM make your business more efficient whilst improving your
    sales and marketing management
  • Analyse
    customer behaviors and trends in order to maximise sales opportunities
  • Set up
    is easy – choose our Quick Start package to get your hosted CRM up and
    running in just a few days
  • CRM is
    fully scalable to grow as your business grows
  • Easy
    to migrate existing contact data
  • Access
    hosted CRM with a Windows Mobile, iPhone or BlackBerry device

The service is powered by LINK Development and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

click here to visit the service website www.bsolutions.com

The titled error appeared to me while I was working on MPS environment to provision Microsoft CRM 4.0 , to solve the titled error:

reset the password of the MPSPrivacct-xxxx from the all the instances of the Provisioning Manager and on the Active Directory and try again to test your code on provtest.
While I was installing Hosted CRM on HMC 4.5, I tried to run the initialize.xml file of the managed CRM provider by opening the command prompt and navigating to ‘c:\program files\Microsoft Hosting\Provisioning\Samples\Managed CRM\’ and executing provtest /x2 Initalize.xml

the following error appears: ‘provtest’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

to solve this problem you need to do the following:
 1.   On MPS01, select System from Control Panel.

2.     Edit the Path system environment variable. Place your cursor at the end of the Variable Value field, and then type the following text: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Provisioning\Tools.

and restart the command prompt and type the command again and it should work.

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Software Transactional Memory (STM.NET) is a mechanism for efficient isolation of shared state.  The programmer demarcates a region of code as operating within a transaction that is “atomic” and “isolated” from other transacted code running concurrently.

Transactional memory is considered a promising technology by the academic community and is repeatedly brought up as a welcome technology for the upcoming wave of applications which scale on modern multi-core hardware. The goal is to be able to exploit concurrency by using components written by experts and consumed by application programmers who can then compose together these components using STM. Transactional memory provides an easy-to-use mechanism to do this safely.

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